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Process Safety must take precedence in High Hazard Industries


Process Safety does not seem to be a priority for the leadership of oil and gas companies, chemical companies, and other high hazard industries.  Boards seem to overlook these issues and still pay for performance even when safety performance is not acceptable.

Process Safety related accidents, especially in the hydrocarbon industry, are one of those incidents that are infrequent but with a high impact.  Loss of life, damage to the environment, impact on surrounding communities, and repair costs are all a result of process safety incidents.  It seems that companies pay attention to process safety right after they have had a major incident.  These incidents can be prevented or at least controlled to reduce their impact.  We are shocked by the number of major accidents that we have become aware of occurring all around the world.  

Future Energy Partners (FEP) has a team of world-class experts in Safety and Process Safety ready to work with our clients.  We can help your company address your Process Safety issues.  Management systems, risk management tools, HAZID/HAZOP reviews, focused training, root cause investigations, leadership development, and safety conversations are a few of the tools that we can bring to the table.

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In parallel to delivering renewable energy sources, mitigating existing sources of greenhouse gases is essential - particularly methane


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Reducing methane emissions requires very specific and targeted action - but in unison then can contribute more than any other form of reduction

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Have the experience, tools and capability to manage, measure, priorities and mitigate your methane emissions - including the ones you do not know about